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September 2007
The largest Research Fronts in each of the 22 major fields covered by Essential Science Indicators.

Fast Moving Fronts
September 2007
Read comments by: 

M. Bazant;
This author has sent along accompanying images/descriptions of their work.
Com. Sci.

A. Borja;
This author has sent along accompanying images/descriptions of their work.
Pla & Ani. Sci.

M. Cavazzana- Calvo;
Bio. & Bio.

M. Green;
Neu. & Beh.

A. Geim;

E. Gregoryanz;
This author has sent along accompanying images/descriptions of their work.
Mat. Sci

F. Leroux;
•>Map on: "HEMATOPOIETIC STEM CELLS." Fast Moving Fronts Interview Menu.

Emerging Research Fronts
August 2007
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I. Dincer;
Soc. Sci.

F. Leroux;
Mat. Sci.

C. Likos;

Y. Ong & A. Keane;

M. Vighi, et al.;
Agr. Sci.

R. Vingarzan;
Pla. & Ani. Sci
Emerging Research Fronts Interview Menu.
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he ESI Special Topics Web site is designed to complement Essential Science Indicators in providing citation analyses and commentary for selected scientific research areas that have experienced notable recent advances or are of special current interest. Each topic is prefaced with a description of its relation to the main Essential Science Indicators rankings and the methodology used to assemble the data from the Essential Science Indicators database. A new topic is added monthly. The data presented for each topic include citation rankings for scientists, institutions, nations, and journals. Most special topics also feature interviews and essays by prominent scientists in the area.

This Month's Special Topic:

Microfluidic Devices
Featuring a corresponding Research Front Map and interviews with:

Other Special Topic interviews added in August 2007:

Alan Aderem
Toll-Like Receptors

ลke Bergman
Diphenyl Ethers

Per Ola Darnerud
Diphenyl Ethers

Ananth Dodabalapur
Organic Thin
Film Transistors

Archived Special Topics:

Menu for ALL Interviews/Essays
in Special Topics

ESI Special Topics also spotlights New Hot Papers, Fast Breaking Papers (both have some comments/mini-interviews and are updated bi-monthly), Emerging Research Fronts, Fast Moving Fronts, and Top Topics, all of which deal with current and emerging trends in specialized areas of research. Methodologies for the various entities and commentary on data interpretation are also included.

New Hot Papers - September 2007
   Comments & Interviews from the author(s) of the papers:
Dan H. Barouch;
Graeme Henkelman, Andri Arnaldsson, & Hannes J๓nsson;
Materials Science
Hisatoshi Kaku;
Agricultural Sciences
Benjamin List;
Lynn B. Martin;
Kazuhisa Mitsuda;
Space Science
William L. Neeley & John M. Essigmann;
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Sir John Pendry;
David S. Stevenson;
Sook-Bin Woo;
Clinical Medicine
Jiujun Zhang & Hansan Liu;

Archive of past comments for New Hot Papers. Archive also contains listings of late entries received after publication.

Fast Breaking Papers - August 2007
   Comments & Interviews from the author(s) of the papers:
Phaedon Avouris;
Birgit Braune;
Li-Chyong Chen;
Materials Science
Kaye Fillmore, William C Kerr, Tim Stockwell, Tanya Chikritzhs & Alan Bostrom;
Social Sciences, general
Laura S. Guy;
Steven P. Nolan;
Nicole Pamme;
Computer Science
David Parrish;

Archive of past comments for Fast Breaking Papers. Archive also contains listings of late entries received after publication. - Tracking Trends and Perfomance in Basic Research
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