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ESI Special Topic: Gene Silencing
Publication Date: December 2006
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Gene Silencing

The baseline time span for this database is 1996-2006 (fourth bimonthly). The resulting database contained 8,382 (10 years) and  5,468 (2 years) papers; 27,892 authors; 79 countries; 917 journals; and 3,127 institutions. Read the methodology used to create this special topic.
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This month, Special Topics revisits gene silencing, which we first explored in December 2003. The field examining the experimental manipulation of gene expression has only grown hotter in the intervening time; in fact, this year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine went to Andrew Fire and Craig Mello for their discovery of RNA interference (gene silencing by double-stranded RNA). Their 1998 Nature paper, "Potent and specific gene interference by double-stranded RNA in Caenorhabditis elegans" (Fire A, et al., Nature 391[6669]: 806-11, 19 February 1998), is featured among the 20 most-cited papers published on the topic over the past decade.

Other major areas of interest on the 10-year paper list include interference by double-stranded RNA, specific RNA types mediating interference, methylation of histone 3 lysine 9, and cancer epigenetics. These research themes are also prevalent on our list of the top 20 papers published in the past two years. Other notable papers on the two-year list include RNAi-based screening, the microRNA Registry project, and the therapeutic potential of gene silencing.


To construct this database, papers were extracted based on title- and topic-supplied keywords for Gene Silencing. The keywords used were as follows: 

gene silenc* OR RNA interference OR RNAi OR genetic interference OR transgene silenc*

The baseline time span for this database is 1996-2006 (fourth bimonthly). The resulting database contained 8,382 (10 years) and  5,468 (2 years) papers; 27,892 authors; 79 countries; 917 journals; and 3,127 institutions. 


Once the database was in place, it was used to generate the lists of top 20 papers (two- and ten-year periods), authors, journals, institutions, and nations, covering a time span of 1996-2006 (fourth bimonthly, a ten-year plus eight-month period).

The top 20 papers are ranked according to total cites. Rankings for author, journal, institution, and country are listed in three ways: according to total cites, total papers, and total cites/paper. The paper thresholds and corresponding percentages used to determine scientist, institution, country, and journal rankings according to total cites/paper, and total papers respectively are as follows:

Entity: Scientists Institutions Countries Journals
Thresholds: 8 61 5 14
Percentage: 1% 1% 50% 10%

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This special topic of Gene Silencing was originally featured in ESI Topics in December 2003. To view the archived Gene Silencing topic, click here.

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ESI Special Topics, December 2006
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